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Ready for Winter

Ready for Winter? 

This time of year generates a fair amount of alarms.  Boilers, furnaces, heat pumps are all called upon for heating.  If this equipment was not readied for use, then the CTC system will generate an alarm upon their failure to perform.

The EPM CTC system offers various tools and methods of allowing you to prevent your system from going into "heat mode".  While not necessary, some customers "ride out" the cooling season with this equipment in this "locked out" mode.  This of course prevents a brief environmental cold snap from activating all of the heat in the building, but can be rather problematic when these settings are still in place when rolling into the heating season.  The answer of course is to prepare the heating equipment for usage before it is needed.

EPM is here to help.  We not only want your facilities to be ready for heating, we also want to be a part of your CTC systems success.

Give us a call, let us help.



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