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The Larned school district received word from an inspector that their large steam boiler had to be replaced.  At about the same time, they received the largest utility bill they had ever received.  It was budget-breaking news.  EPM volunteered to do a preliminary audit on the building, and determined that not only could the building be controlled, but it could be done in such a manner that allowed them to immediately regain control of their utility expenditures.  EPM accompanied an Engineer that deemed the boiler safe and legal for operation, pending minor repairs.

The district gave EPM the go ahead to do a preliminary CTC system design.  When we returned to the committee, the district decided that our system was affordable enough to allow them to not only add electric valves at each steam register and have EPM control them in a post-design change, but to also replace all the condensate traps.

We were happy to oblige.  The CTC system installation was purchased and we began the 7 week installation the first week of July 2005.  Finished just after school started, the system is working exactly as planned.  Our earned trust with the district has provided us with the opportunity to help them solve other problems since the installation.

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