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Considering replacing your ballasts with T-8 or T-12 electronic ballasts?

You may want to review this first:

    T-8/T-12 Electronic Ballast retrofit Savings Analysis

Helpful tips to cut Energy costs

  1. When you leave the room, turn off the lights.  While this may seem a bit obvious, few people actually do this.  Interior lights in a medium to large sized building account for a significant portion of the electric bill.  Click here to download a Word document that you can print on a sticker.  Place the sticker on your light switch as a reminder.  This document contains a sheet of stickers than can be printed on Avery #5163 labels.
  2. If you have to open windows or run portable heaters to maintain comfort in your room or office, notify the operator of the Temperature Control system.  EPM strives to resolve ALL comfort problems, and input from the occupants of a room or office is critical to the process.
  3. Make sure the EPM sensor in your room is unobstructed by shelves, books, etc.  In order for the sensor to properly sense the temperature, it must be in the "free-flowing" air of the room.
  4. The override button located on the side of your EPM sensor can be pressed to override your room.  Holding this button in for about 3 seconds, tells the Temperature Control computer that you are occupying the zone for 1 hour.  The computer will then maintain comfort in your zone.  Contact your Temperature control system operator for your specific operation details.


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