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    EPM is a regional engineering and manufacturing group specializing in computerized temperature control. This service-oriented business has become a major force in the field through the application of imaginative design and a common sense approach. By installing site-specific hardware and software control systems in commercial buildings, the greatest possible utility and equipment savings are attained.

    Over a period of time, building characteristics, equipment operation, and building usage change to a point when it becomes apparent the operating expenses or building discomfort must be addressed. This is our specialty. EPM CTC systems are designed to re-establish the operating efficiency and comfort originally intended by the building designer.


    EPM has been providing award-winning, fully integrated building solutions to the regional retrofit market for over 25 years. Satisfying the needs of building owners by enhancing cash flow and improving comfort is a direct result of our customized system design and state of the art artificial intelligence software.

    Long-term Relationships:

    Our customer relationships are built on long-term commitments to superior professional services and quality temperature control products. Through this ongoing relationship, product enhancements and progressive services, our clients are in a position to leverage their initial investment.

    Proven, Affordable Solutions:

    EPM specializes in real world practical solutions to comfort and control problems. Our many satisfied customers will attest to our affordable application of computerized temperature control engineering as a long-term solution.


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