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EPM, Inc. is an engineering design company that designs, manufactures, programs, installs and services the "CTC" system. The "CTC" replaced the "EMS" or "DDC" system, more than doubling the savings. Demand for our "CTC" system grew to the point that we had to increase the manufacturing facility, necessitating a move to Fulton, Missouri in 1992.

The engineer, design, manufacture, installation and service staff of our company has the following disciplines and qualifications:

1. Electrical Engineering - Power and power control circuit design and conversion of existing control systems to computerized controls;

2. Mechanical Engineering - Design, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems, including heating and air conditioning systems;

3. Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering - Analogue and digital computer hardware and software design;

4. Civil Engineering - Building, environmental systems applications and building envelope design.

5. Electronic Engineering - Analog and digital hardware and software application design;

6. Internet & Network Certified Engineering - Aggregate demand limiting using network & Internet Technology;

7. Computer Science - Software and software application design;

8. Electronics Technicians - Manufacturing supervision, quality control and service;

9. Licensed Electricians - Field installation of "CTC" systems.

Our key staff has more than two hundred years combined experience in facility design and micro-processor and computer design, program, installation, service and the conversion of existing control systems to "CTC".

Now with over forty years of operation, we have developed not only an extremely sophisticated and dependable "CTC" system, but also successful methods of turn-key or owner installation, follow-up training and service. This insures that the "CTC" system remains operational and delivers dependable savings and comfort for the life of the facility without expensive maintenance contracts.

B. H. Trout is the President and founder of EPM. He is a University of Missouri graduate with degrees in both Electrical and Civil Engineering. Mr. Trout has over thirty years of experience in the design and application of automation to mechanical systems, and has participated in the design of over 20 million facility square feet. As one of the original EPM engineers, he has held every engineering position in our company. Mr. Trout is responsible for customer satisfaction, the successful installation of the CTC systems, and the overall operation of the company.

James O. Johnson is Vice President and Senior Engineer of EPM. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Mr. Johnson has thirteen years of experience in the design and application of automation to mechanical systems, and has participated in the design of over six million facility square feet. As Senior Engineer, he has held every engineering position in the company and is responsible for all service, installation, system design and research and development.

Christopher Adam is responsible for Quality Control and Research and Development. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri and holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. Mr. Adams is responsible for all EPM R&D activity and is proficient in computer board level design and Assembler, C, C++, Visual Basic and Windows 95TM programming. Prior to assuming this position, he was in charge of software production and installation design. R&D includes research and development for all new applications and products that EPM produces and the performance of all existing products and software.

Benjamin H. Trout III is the Western Regional Manager of EPM responsible for engineering audits, sales support, installation, service and customer support in the region West of Missouri. Since he joined the company in 1990, Mr. Trout has held manufacturing, service, service management, installation, installation management, design, and internal automation positions. He is a Certified Netware Engineer, and is responsible to the customers for integrating the EPM CTC systems into the customer's existing Local Area Network and Internet intra-structure to enable the customer to take advantage of future deregulation tasks.

Wes Wieberg is EPM’s Design Engineer. Mr. Wieberg is very familiar with our system and its evolution. He is experienced in contols and their relationship to mechanical systems.

Tiffany Staats is EPM’s administrator. As administrator, Mrs. Staats is responsible for all administrative functions. Mrs. Staats has over three years administrative experience.

Rick Nickelson is EPM’s Manufacturers Representative for the State of Kansas. Mr. Nickelson has been with the company since 1998. Before becoming Manufacturer’s Representative, Mr. Nickelson was Director of Security for Dillons Corporation for Missouri, Kansas Arkansas and Oklahoma. Mr. Nickelson received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminology from Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg, Missouri and served as Chief Investigator for the Fulton Police Department, Fulton, Missouri and served with the Columbia Police Department, Columbia, Missouri.

Experience has taught us that the division of responsibility shown above insures successful installations and satisfied customers. We are especially proud of our use of the Customer Advocate to help EPM clients resolve problems and execute the full power of our company without having to negotiate the technical and organizational maze so prevalent in today's business world. This one-call approach guarantees EPM's professional follow up insuring CTC system operation and savings, and demonstrates our dedication to not sales, but engineering solutions to engineering problems. 


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