Its pretty easy
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Its pretty easy
Feasibility Study

If you knew it was this easy...

.. you would have already done it.

EPM takes care of all the details.

Our no cost energy audit, the “Feasibility Study” gets everything going to see if there is a need and payback at your building.  We will study past energy bills and usage to score the efficiency of the facility, building by building to see if it makes sense to proceed.  If you don’t need us, thanks for letting us look.  If you do, we are ready to talk with you about engineering and doing an in-depth study of the payback and comfort saving opportunities.

Our engineering is still at no cost to the customer but, we only proceed if it is warranted, the solution will cash flow, and the customer agrees that our CTC is appropriate. 

Then, EPM will design, manufacture and install your system.  Each EPM system is built with custom software and patented EPM technology to exactly fit your building. No two EPM systems are exactly alike.  The custom design allows the system to be expanded or changed as the building grows or changes.  We want to control all the building’s HVAC equipment, exhaust fans, coolers and freezers, even including simple window air conditioners in order to provide the energy savings and comfort that makes our installations a success.

        We help arrange lease purchase or bank financing to be ready for the purchase.

No maintenance agreements, no hidden costs, no annual fee; our one year labor and five year parts warranty prepares the system to last trouble free for many years to come.

When you save 30% of a $50,000 per year energy bill, that is $15,000 you can spend on something else.  Once you pay for your EPM CTC, the savings continue to go toward the bottom line.  We save our customers an average of 30.4%.

It is not too good to be true; we are anxious to share our customer list and start working all the details out for you.

Contact a Manufacturers Representative to get started.



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