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Feasibility Study


There are several required steps to purchase our Computerized Temperature Control (CTC) system.  They consist of:





Only after the acceptance of the OFFER TO INSTALL is the FINAL ENGINEERING required.  Each of these steps is designed to allow the district the opportunity to evaluate the facility options while expending a minimum amount of time and effort.

Step one is to prepare a FEASIBILITY STUDY.  The manufactures representative will gather the information and submit it for the FEASIBILITY STUDY preparation.  The purpose of the FEASIBILITY STUDY is to provide an engineering basis to determine if a facility may benefit from the installation of our CTC system.  The FEASIBILITY STUDY requires a brief physical description of the facility including size, construction, type of heating and air conditioning equipment and use of the facility.  The twelve-month utility use and cost history is applied to the facility parameters producing a profile of the operating facility.  The customer must provide face copies of the utility bills for the FEASIBILITY STUDY compilation. 

 Once the FEASIBILITY STUDY facility profile is created, it is compared to facility and utility use patterns unique to the facility’s geographical area.  The comparison uses algorithms developed by the Department of Energy and us over the past thirty years to project the efficient energy use for the facility, potential energy saving, expected dollar saving range, CTC system cost range, payback and return on investment.  Once completed the FEASIBILITY STUDY is compared to our historical results for similar facilities.  If the comparison of the FEASIBILITY STUDY shows no anomalies, it is presented to the district.  If the FEASIBILITY STUDY parameters and ranges are acceptable to the district, the next step is to proceed to the PRELIMINARY ENGINEERING.

There is no charge from EPM to the customer for the FEASIBILITY STUDY preparation.  



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