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Maintenance Contract Requirement

As pointed out in the EMS/DDC/CTC comparisons energy management is just that, energy management.

With the installation of energy management manufacture's equipment, even reputable ones, the temperature control of the building would still reside with the existing temperature control system, which needs to be repaired and maintained.  Now, there are three systems in the facility:  the mechanical equipment, the present temperature control system and the new energy management system (EMS).  Although the "EMS" computer may trouble shoot its main computer, it cannot determine if its own outboard equipment, the temperature control equipment, or the mechanical equipment is operating properly.

As such, just to determine if everything is operating properly a maintenance contract is necessary.  This maintenance contract must not only cover the "EMS" system, but also the temperature control system.  The reason is that if the "EMS" company is called for a problem and the problem is the existing temperature control system, then you will be charged for both the service call from the "EMS" contractor because there was nothing wrong with the "EMS" system, and for the repair of the problem with your existing equipment.

The Computerized Temperature Control (CTC) system from EPM is an integrated computerized temperature control system that directly controls the operation of all the heating and air conditioning equipment.  When a problem occurs, the "CTC" equipment can diagnose itself and the mechanical equipment, pointing out where the problem resides.  As a result, the "CTC" system, unlike "EMS" systems, does not require maintenance contracts.


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