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Just because you have an existing control system doesn’t mean it is taking care of you!

 Is your HVAC equipment being operated in an efficient manner?  Do you have the means available to know if it isn’t?

 Do you have comfort complaints?

 Are there protection alarms on your HVAC equipment to alert you of malfunctions or prevent damage from power surges or substandard power?

Does your system limit demand WITHOUT sacrificing comfort?

 Are your occupants allowed to make their own temperature adjustments?

 At no cost to you EPM will look at your building and study the utility bills to see how you score in the efficient buildings game.

 If your building score is not good, we can show you how to pay for an upgrade to an EPM CTC with the money saved from the operating budget.

 EPM’s Computerized Temperature Control System is an upgrade from a Direct Digital Control (DDC) you can hardly afford to ignore.

 If your building score is good, we will tell you.  If it is not, we will tell you that too.

 Contact us for a free analysis.



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