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What is "Aggregation"?

Aggregation is a term used to describe "the sharing of electrical demand". If two or more EPM CTC systems participate in EPM's patented Aggregate Temperature Based Demand Limiting, then each system can distribute a purchased block of electrical demand based on real time heating or cooling needs.

Let's say that a bowling alley and a bank have purchased a block of electrical demand from a provider.  EPM's CTC systems can then distribute that demand as needed for heating and cooling within each building owned by each customer.  Let us also say it is summer.  Since a bank needs its demand around the lunch hour to compensate for the increased customer traffic, and the bowling alley needs its demand after normal work hours and into the evening to compensate for its increased customer traffic, the CTC system would allow the bank to use the demand during the day, then allow the bowling alley to use the demand at night.

The result of this process is a level demand usage during the day and evening. Since both customers can purchase a single block of demand, they can purchase less, and at a lower cost.

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